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Oak Hollow Knobs

Carpe Diem Knobs

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Monkey Soap Holder     Beaded Knobs      Classic Knobs        Classic Tassle     Bienvenue Knobs  Oracle Cabinet Pulls

 Acanthus Pulls      Acanthus Knobs     Acanthus Hdwe     Aphrodite Knobs    Aphrodite Pulls    Chequers Knobs

  Old World Knobs    Old World      Charlemagne Knobs     Cricket Cage Cricket Cage  Cricket C.(957&958 disc)

 Millenium Knobs  Millennium Pulls     Millenium  Knobs                 Millenium Scroll Pull - 5" OC

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Tutore Cabinet Knobs      Bacchus Grape Hdwe       Bacchus Pulls         Bacchus Cup Pulls       Bacchus Cabinet Knobs & Ring

   Bacchus Grape Long Cabinet Hardware             Bacchus Long Pull & Center Brace.  This part number is for center brace only!

Cache Knobs & Pulls Cache Knobs     Cache Hardware Cache Bath Accessories            Cache Large Pull


                   Cache Large Pull                                                    Carche Large Pull                     Carpe Diem Backplates


                Cache Long Pull for appliances or drawers                  Monticello Knobs        Monticello Knobs

Waterscape Knobs  Waterscape Hdwe.     Ebb & Flow              Carpe Diem Soap Holders           Chequers Hardware


Oversized Knobs  Bamboo Cabinet Pulls    Feng Shui Pulls     Feng Shui  Knobs   Squares & Rectangles

  Triangles Knobs       Palm Tree Pulls        Palm Trees Etc     Carpe Diem Knobs  

Juliana Grace Knob Juliana Grace Knobs Juliana Grace Backplates            Juliana Grace Cup Pulls

           Juliana Grace Appliance Pulls with Center Brace                           Juliana Grace 3" center cabinet pull

(Can be used as a long pull on drawers with or w/o brace) 

    Bacchus New Hook (Great for potholders!)                Backplate                                 New Millenium button knob  

   Juliana Grace Knobs                                                        Juliana Grace Backplate                                    Juliana Grace Large Knob

   New Cache Backplate                            New Cache Pull

   New Rose Hook                                                        New Tutore with Color

New Tutore Cabinet Pull with color

Carpe Diem Hardware has many beautiful cabinet knobs, pulls, long pulls, appliance pulls, and bathroom accessories.  Picking out knobs and pulls for your kitchen or bath cabinets is no longer a decision to be taken lightly.  This is an area that can add a lot of charm and personalization to your kitchen and bath.  The knobs, pulls, towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders, & robe hooks are handcrafted for you by Anne.

Carpe Diem Long Pulls (Appliance Pulls) can be used on drawers or appliances.  With appliances we recommend the center brace for extra support.

Carpe Diem knobs and pulls are designed by Anne, the artist, handmade with care, and shipped promptly.  All hardware is made in the U.S.A.

We offer the best prices on Carpe Diem Knobs, call us toll free 1-866-TAPS ETC (1 866 827 7382) or 603-893-8577 or 603-893-6777.

Pricing depends on quantity ordered and styles that you are purchasing.  Please give us a call for more information.  We also need to know what city and state that we are shipping to.  You will love the products, service, and the pricing!   We will ship anywhere in the United States.   If you are in NH, MA, ME, CT, RI, or VT you might want to stop by and visit to see all of our beautiful displays and our stock.   We ship the cabinet knobs and bathroom accessories anywhere in the country including CA, NH, MA, CT, VT, ME, RI, FL, NY, GA, MD,  MO, CO, TN, NJ, VA, AL, HI, AR, WA, WV, TX, MT, DE, PA, OH, IL, IA, NC, SC, MS, MI, AK, LA, OK, NE, WI, ND, SD, NM, AZ, UT, ID, OR, NV, AL, IN, KY, KS, WY, IN, ID, etc.

We want to earn your business!   Please give us a call or email us!  Enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  If you are looking for other beautiful knobs and pulls please visit:  If you want to see other bathroom accessories please click here:

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